1. Lana
    Cool Girl Lana. That's what they call me. 🕶✨
  2. Rory
    I've always been secretly jealous of the Gilmore Girls character, Rory Gilmore. She was so studious and pretty and had so many cute boyfriends. What a life.
  3. Rosalie
    Anyone named Rosalie is probably super cool in a "apparently, her family comes from a long line of really powerful witches" sort of way. Wears the colors black, dark blue, and violet exclusively. Lots of lace, leather and velvet. Extremely mysterious.
  4. Carmen
    too borderline manic-pixie dream girl or nah?
  5. Marnie
    another witchy-vibes type 🔮🔮🔮
  6. Cecilia
    freest spirit