An idea that came to me out of fear of being attacked and murdered while my roommate was out of town...He ended up being pretty chill + my hot wings and breadsticks were good so it all worked out.
  1. "Real People Talking"
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    the people in this video have the most pretentious conversation for like 30 minutes and they filmed the whole damn thing...thank god though bc it really came in handy & idec if the pizza delivery guy thinks my "friends" are douchey assholes just so long as he thinks there are people in my apartment who would be alarmed if they heard me screaming from the other room
  2. "One Hour of HQ Coffee Shop Background Noise"
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    I searched "people laughing background noise" to find this. Sorta sad, ngl. If the PDG is going to kill me, I want him to at least think the people I choose to surround myself with have good senses of humor. Disclaimer tho: no one laughs in this hour long coffee shop's just a lot of unintelligible chatter and some light clanging of silverware.