Herein lies the ingredients to my juicy success (note: not exactly successful at all, BUT ONE DAY....)
  1. My hand lettered quote from Ms. Polite (Jessica St. Clair on Season 5's Valentine's Day episode) was favorited by CBB and Jessica St. Clair AND retweeted by CBB.
  2. @amieshmamie suggested my Halloween costume for The A. V. Club's costume list and it was added AND @paulfeig liked it!
  3. I can pull off a zombie face and still look hot AF.
  4. I appealed a parking ticket and won. This may seem small, but I consider myself a lady of the law now.
  5. Yes, half of my greatness is based on the approval of others. Normally I'd say that's not okay, but I won't because these "others" are rad as hell.
  6. I own this dress that makes me feel like I belong at an awards show and I look GREAT in it