Best Breweries I've been to. In order.

This isn't easy for me.
  1. Dunedin Brewery • Dunedin, FL
    The beer was amazing. I mean, so good. But the poutine? Shut the front door. Shut all the doors. Don't ever leave. This place is magical. ☄
  2. Side Door Brewing • Port St Lucie, FL
    I have been in a number of breweries that have felt like home. But this place and finding a picture of their owner, it's like seeing a picture of that really cool uncle you have. He doesn't make a mad beer, hire a bad employee, or strike up a bad conversation. This place is everything I want in a brewery - great taste, variety, and camaraderie. (Not my photograph, sadly I cannot find one.) 🏡
  3. Country Boy • Lexington, KY
    I'm a little biased, because I came here a bit tipsy. And that makes everything taste better. But I knew enough to know that I was drinking the nectar of the gods. Mexican Chili Stout, Nate's Coffee Stout, Jalapeño Smoked Porter, Nacho Bait, Shotgun Wedding....what I would give to drink any of those right now! 🌶
  4. Strangeways • Richmond, VA
    So many selections. Such a neat taproom with unique merch. And the beer was great! Sugar Shack - made with donuts - received a rare 5/5 from me. Kentucky Rye, Ouija, and Albino Monkey were my other top ranking beers there. Points for providing peanuts too, because it's the perfect snack to break up a flight. 😜
  5. The Answer • Richmond, VA
    When a place has Asian food and more than five stouts to choose from? Stefan says look no further than The Answer Brewpub. 👍
  6. The Abbey Brewing Co • Miami, FL
    This place is SO not Miami. And while I love it's whole scene, Abbey was a great escape from the convertibles and salsa music. This place was hospitable, but it's the beer that we remember. The flight was huge and SO. GOOD. 🍺
  7. Alliance Brewery • Knoxville, TN
    We drink good beer everywhere we go. But it is rare to drink your first sip and be in love, and that love never die, not even after the last sip. Each beer was so crisp and on point it was shocking. And fresh flowers? WHA? 😍
  8. Austin Beer Works • Austin, TX
    I didn't do enough of the brewery scene while I was in Texas. We all have regrets in life. But I had some great times in this place and I had some great beers. ✌