I'll listroduce myself

  1. My name is Kati, I think
    So, legally, I'm Kathrianna. But I've always been called Kati. My parents call me Kate frequently, but that's just shortening Kati. Let me tell you, your name is part of your identity more than you know. I decided to go by Kate when I started college because I thought it was cooler, more mature. WRONG. I felt like such a poser. In a bad way. So I went back. People now see Kathrianna on my badge and I basically reject it being my name. It's pretty, but it's not me.
  2. I have a new hobby
    Craft beer! I absolutely hated beer until I moved to Austin, then I started to like it. By the time we moved to Florida, I was actively searching out where I'd get my next taste. I think we've done about 100 breweries. Idk. Maybe that will be my next list! 😂
  3. I'm a Travel RN
    Here's how that works: Hospitals who have seasonal fluctuations in census and/or are short-staffed seek out nurses who come to them and work for a brief period of time, usually 13 weeks. They pay a smaller than usual hourly rate, benefits, and a food/rent/billing stipend. So far we've done Jupiter, FL, and now we're in Alexandria, VA. And no plans to stop anytime soon. I work three 12-hour shifts, so four days per week I get to enjoy ⬆️that⬆️ new hobby, hike, and see new things.
  4. And when I say we...
    My favorite part! Neil and I have been married for FIVE years and little Tommy has been part of our family the last year. Neil and I met through his sister who became my best friend. We met on a blind date in her kitchen and got married a year from that date! We've been through lots of schools, haircuts, homes, cars, phases, and now states together. But we keep liking each other. A lot. And Tommy is the yang to our yin. He maintains a certain level of excitement that is our new norm.
  5. ENTP
    I don't register too strongly on any of these but I'm running out of things to share about myself. And discovering I'm an extrovert was...a process. It took a lot of alone time to discover how much I need other people. According to the reliable source that is the Internet, this makes me "The Debater." I feel like I SHOULD disagree...so I guess that it's true.
  6. Bucket list
    I've established I like to travel, but it's so important to me to see all of the national parks! (Maybe I'll make a list of the ones I've been to..) I'm not sure how many it's been so far, but we always celebrate with a selfie with the sign! Often after a long sweaty hike!
  7. The Future...
    I don't intend to be a floor nurse forever. I'm very good at it, most days, but it's exhausting work. And at some point we'll settle down, probably back in Texas. ❤️ I'm so much looking forward to having my own home to decorate again. Kids are in our future, and we love the idea of fostering and adopting. And now that we're getting so much traveling done in the continental US, we'll have to extend our international travels! Germany, India, Ireland, Peru, and Australia, we're coming for you.