And a lesson that I have GOTTA work on my food photog skills. 😧
  1. Dunedin Brewery's (Take on) Poutine, Florida
    So, it's tater tots, not fries. And it has a cheesy-spicy-barbecuey sauce, not gravy. It also has pulled pork and green onions. And these are all steps in the right direction to the already amazing dish. I'm currently drooling.
  2. Foulmouthed Brewery Pulled Pork Nachos, South Portland, ME
    Homemade (tasting; anyway) tortilla chips, pulled pork (I may have a problem), some kind of embellished ranch, plenty of cilantro, lettuce, tomatoes, and jalapeños. And if you thought, "Sure, just not the cilantro." 👉There's the door. Go out of it. Think about what you said and come back when you're ready to enjoy god's gift to herbs. These nachos gave me a foodgasm if I ever had one.
  3. Three Tides Korean Tacos, Belfast, ME
    These may have made the list because I never knew so much flavor could be packed into something so plain looking. Almost bland looking. I was kind of disappointed we got these, until I took a bite. And then, there were fireworks. These tacos actually inspired the list. The spicy pork is seasoned magically, there's a flavorful sauce underneath (sneaky), a small but powerful amount of kimchi, and, you guessed it, cilantro. The corn tortillas knocked my socks off too. Neither crunchy not soft.
  4. The Answer Brewery Salt and Pepper Fries, RVA
    A name could not be anymore misleading. These fries come with sautéed green and white onion and a house made sauce that is, frankly, "The Answer" to world peace. I don't think I've ever been so sad to finish a plate.
  5. Spencer Devon Brewery Rueben Eggrolls, Fredericksburg, VA
    If you haven't noticed, breweries are where good food is AT. These were seasonal, but they easily deserve a spot in their regular menu. If they have one. The meat was juicy and tender, perfect amount of sauerkraut, the sauce to dip in was on point, and the eggroll wrapper was fried perfectly. Crispy outside, tender but not chewy inside. They made my favorite sandwich better.