This is her and all her •
  1. "Diets don't work"
    And you can't move past your eating/health/fitness/esteem/disorder problems until you believe that statement and internalize it.
  2. Because: "diets lead to binge eating"
  3. "Dieting is really a state of mind."
    "It is hating yourself for what you eat. It is having false beliefs."
  4. "Nobody wants to be thin in a vacuum"
  5. "We want to be thin to control someone else's opinion of us."
    Is there an atomic bomb emoji? It belongs here. Because boom.
  6. "You cannot fully control your body."
    "It has biological needs, instincts, and evolutionary traits regarding food that we cannot entirely control."
  7. "As long as you're trying to control your body, you're dieting."
  8. The answer? Surrender
    "Surrender doesn't look like actions or behaviors. It looks like a new state of mind that doesn't hate yourself for wanting the things you want or eating the things you eat."
  9. Some actions we can take?
    "Change what you see. Body positivity. Go on a media diet." (Ha.)
  10. ❤️"Your will isn't worthless. It just isn't the only thing in play."❤️
    "Health obsession is displaced anxiety over living in an uncertain world." And insert atomic bomb emoji. Because boom.