I found this in my drafts. I'm doubting I really wrote it, but I don't remember? Maybe this was a product of deep, late night thinking? If I stole this from someone let me know! Here it goes... • I don't have the answer. But I can tell you what doesn't work for everyone. And that's a start.
  1. Investment: Present self > future self
    It's so hard to take care of what tomorrow-us needs, when today-us is nagging at what we need.
  2. However, future self is perfect
    We continually fall into that trap of I'll-do-it-tomorrow.
  3. Failure hurts, diminishes willpower
    So when tomorrow comes, and it dawns on us that we planned on being perfect today, and we've already failed, IT HURTS. Cycle back.
  4. Feelings > rationale
    We know that it's better to care for future self. But today self is ALIVE, today self has NEEDS, today self is HERE. This is louder than the truth.
  5. Perfection: Their best self > our worst self
    Whether we set ourselves up for goals we can't reasonably achieve or we compare our willpower to that fitness blogger who prides herself on execution and willpower and efficiency - we aren't being kind to today self or future self. Everyone is human.
  6. Solution? Take care of today self?
    If she's alive, needy, and, well, existing - she's my priority.
  7. Solution? Don't compare?
    "Comparison is the thief of joy." -Some dead person, a while back. The struggle is not only real, it spans generations.
  8. Trying and failing > not putting yourself out there
    And repeat. And repeat. Repeat until you believe. Repeat.