Thanks for the request @dad3 😁😁😁
  1. 1 regret: the boy
    The second time I met you, two years after the first time, in that target when I should have told you how I felt and finally gone for it, because in that moment I know you felt the same.
  2. 1 moment of pride: the install
    Today, when a customer personally emailed me to thank me for "my help and kindness," where the kindness part both shocked me and made me feel proud of my communication.
  3. 1 goal: the grades
    All A's in my final semester at school.
  4. 1 dream: the best
    Having a job with Planned Parenthood or a food bank, or anything that genuinely helps the people who need it most.
  5. 1 fantasy: the game
    Working for the Minecraft division of Microsoft.