Inspired by @roaringsoftly, such a dope list idea
  1. I hate talking about myself
    so I sort of put this off
  2. My name is Katie.
  3. Yeah?
  4. And I like to laugh.
  5. YEAH!
  6. Ok I'll stop. Here's some real stuff about me:
  7. I don't shower as much as I should.
    Thought about leaving this out, but I'm rly trying to live my truth.
  8. I list about being lost.
    Not specifically, but I think that's the main theme.
  9. I care A LOT
    About the world, about my friends, about the hungry, about the hurting, about my fam, about music, about gardening, about literature and non-literature, about spelling out numerical values
  10. I really like reading everyone's lists and I'm super grateful to have been accepted so quickly into this environment - nah, community.