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Thanks for requesting thissss @BWN_7
  1. It's hard to remember one because my family is two brothers, two sisters and my mom pretty much never got to see all of us happy at once
  2. I think I was always fighting with either my older sister or my younger sister
  3. But there was this one we went on vacation to Tybee Island
  4. For thanksgiving
  5. And my extended family was also there?
  6. I had to have been five years old
  7. I'm sure it happened though because we made these construction paper pilgrim turkeys with my grandma that we kept in the attic for so long
  8. But I think we all had a really great time
  9. I think my sisters were happy
  10. And I'd like to go back and relive that
  11. Neither of my brothers had been born at that point but I do still love them and have good mems with just them