1. Finish school
  2. Get a badass job with benefits
  3. Max out savings accts
  4. Take health seriously
  5. Work for the body and life I want in 10 years
  6. Just do it. Get out there.
  7. Strength train. Body fat goal of 20%.
  8. Moisturize. It feels good.
  9. Start journaling. If I feel like it. Or just buy a nice journal, just in case.
  10. Spend more time with real ppl, less time with screen ppl
  11. Run. A few races.
  12. Wake up early.
  13. $1 for every mile ran. Splurge money.
  14. Go to Japan. Not going is so 2015.
  15. Green tea.
  16. Make room for new experiences
  17. Wardrobe clean. Work uniform.
  18. Bike more