1. "So, when are you getting married?"
  2. "Do you have a boyfriend?"
  3. "Are you done with school yet?"
  4. "Do you still work at the mall?"
  5. "What happened to soandso? I liked him."
  6. "How do you connect to the wifi again? It's too confusing."
  7. "When are you going to buy a house?"
  8. "How come you're not in medical school?"
  9. "Why do you wear so much lipstick?"
  10. "Can I get your number?"
  11. "Why are you so sarcastic? People don't like sarcastic."
  12. "Do you even know who (insert old rock band here) is?"
  13. "Why don't you have a nicer car?"
  14. "Seriously, when are you getting married?"
  15. "Do you have any kids?"
  16. "When are you having kids?"
  17. "Oh, am I bugging you?"