Some of the Best Books I Read in 2015

As a writer and creative writing instructor
  1. Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
    One of the quietist, most powerful post apocalyptic books I've read.
  2. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Phillip K. Dick
    Oh, I saw the movie, you say, Bladerunner. But the movie barely resembles the book, which is even more disturbing in its predictions.
  3. On Such a Full Sea, by Chang Rae Lee
    Set in a near future North America, the intrepid heroine, an ethnic Chinese fish farm worker, sets out to find her missing boyfriend. Notable for being told from the point of view of the collective "we."
  4. Falling From Horses by Molly Gloss
    By one of my faves, about a young cowboy who goes to Hollywood to become a stunt rider for the "oaters" and makes friends with an aspiring screenwriter.
  5. All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr
    One of everyone's faves, it seems, Doerr's prose takes us straight into the minds of the two protagonists, a radio-obsessed German boy, and a blind French girl. I wish I wrote this well!
  6. Decolonize Your Diet by Luz Calvo & Catriona Rueda Esquibel
    Not exactly a cookbook as much as a gentle manifesto, Calvo and Esquibel remind those of us with indigenous genes that the quickest way to good health is through tasty local food. Lavishly illustrated.