a documentation of the evolution of my taste in men
  1. 3 years old - Ioan Gruffudd
    My parents used to watch a British historical fiction show called Horatio Hornblower. I would sit and watch it for hours because I thought he was handsome. I remember having dreams about him. I also enjoyed his presence in 102 Dalmatians.
  2. 3rd Grade - Ricky Ullman
    You can't tell me your Hello Kitty panties weren't in a bunch after watching an episode or two of Phil of the Future
  3. 4th Grade - Chad Michael Murray
    The highlight of my 2004 was A Cinderella Story coming out. People in school would ask me who my crush was and I would say his initials were CMM.
  4. Middle School - Taylor Lautner
    Twilight was at large. I was Team Jacob. We had similar looking hair. Not much else to say.
  5. 10th Grade - The Spain World Cup Soccer Team
    They were hot, I hopped on and they just so happened to win the World Cup. Nando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Pujol & Pique will always be bae
  6. Still 10th Grade - Robert Downey Jr.
    He aged well, that's all I have to say
  7. 11th Grade - Bradley Cooper specifically in the move The A-Team
    So hot
  8. Junior year of college - Louie CK
    My attraction to him is a result of the combination of the dad bod trend + his poignant sense of humor that I am in love with