Chapter Titles In The Book About My Life 📖

  1. She tried many things and liked very few
  2. When a Costco opened in my hometown
  3. Grandma's last couple months
  4. Lobster family dinner
  5. Mexico: Waves, Tennis, and Paper Flowers
  6. Miranda's family's exchange student
  7. Harry Potter book-release lines
  8. Knee Scar / Crush(ed)
  9. Sleepover
  10. Sweet tea and chicken dumpling soup
    Aka, the story of my first boyfriend which is really a story about his mother
  11. New Year's Eve 2014
    Was special
  12. Laffy Taffy: camp crushes
  13. Otsego Lake
  14. 8th Bae
    Was the truest love she felt for a long time
  15. Farm Boy