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bookseller edition
  1. 2
    Incidents of small-child-on-inanimate-object-ninja-action
  2. 2
    Toddler-induced computer power outages while I was typing. Small buttons at eye level are a siren's call to tiny humans
  3. 3
    Number of books that succumbed to gravity and fell out of my arms
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  1. I sold books to Chris Rock
    I have no photographic proof of this transaction because I chose to pretend not to recognize him, saving us both from an awkward situation. You're welcome Chris Rock. (Also, to clarify, I work at a book store. This wasn't any sort of sketchy literary deal in a dark alley...)
  2. Chris Rock was on Saturday Night Live with Jimmy Fallon
    I know, they were cast members during different time periods, but here they are together in the send-off.
  3. Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show guest...
    Kevin Bacon.
  1. Groot
    Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. The Iron Giant
  1. The 'T-Bone'
    Admit it, you didn't even try putting it back.
  2. Nice 'try'
    You took the path of least resistance.
  3. Gravity
    Damn you.
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and his assistant, Phineas, our other dog.
  1. Apply dark stain to flooring.
    It can be carpet, hardwood, whatever.
  2. Paint walls
    This works best after a bath
  3. Reupholster soft furnishings
    Not necessary to be gentle.
  4. Available for your decorating needs
  1. This is my coffee. Venti Americano with an extra shot. My name is Katie, not Kedy.
    Even autocorrect knows "Kedy" is not a word.
  2. A coworker made this for me.
    In her defense, she's café, I'm book floor. We usually work opposite shifts.
  3. I was wearing my name tag.
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I currently have no money.
  1. Greece
    Just look at it!
  2. New Zealand
    It has everything: mountains, sheep, beaches, hobbits, haka!
  3. China
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Besides the usual perfume and cologne
  1. 7.
  2. 6.
    Fun fact: Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Manga are parts of the bookstore that I can find while blindfolded. 👃🏻
  3. 5.
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Bookseller edition
  1. When I rolled my eyes so hard I could see my brain when a customer accused me of hiding all the conservative books in the back room.
Kansas, we are more than The Wizard of Oz. (Also,don't judge us by our governor, a completely useless individual.)
  1. "Where's Toto?" I don't know where Toto is. Probably dead. He was a dog, they don't have the longest of lifespans.
  2. "Kansas is so flat and boring." Yes, flat...
  3. But also this
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