Kansas, we are more than The Wizard of Oz. (Also,don't judge us by our governor, a completely useless individual.)
  1. "Where's Toto?" I don't know where Toto is. Probably dead. He was a dog, they don't have the longest of lifespans.
  2. "Kansas is so flat and boring." Yes, flat...
  3. But also this
  4. and this.
  5. We have endless skies
  6. We even have a few trees
  7. and animals
    The Sedgwick County Zoo is pretty awesome.
  8. We have history (and farms)
  9. We have culture
    The Keeper of the Plains, by artist Blackbear Bosin, stands at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas rivers in Wichita, KS.
  10. We have architecture
  11. We have room to run
  12. and play
  13. So, go ahead and fly over. We don't mind.