bookseller edition
  1. 2
    Incidents of small-child-on-inanimate-object-ninja-action
  2. 2
    Toddler-induced computer power outages while I was typing. Small buttons at eye level are a siren's call to tiny humans
  3. 3
    Number of books that succumbed to gravity and fell out of my arms
  4. 4
    Inattentive parents who lost track of children. (Hint: your child is turning off my computer, which runs on an ancient version of Windows and takes forever to reboot. Or maybe your child is the one who just ninja kicked my step stool...)
  5. 5
    Espresso shots in my americano required to make human interaction possible
  6. 25
    Repetitions of the chorus "we will, we will...wock you" sung by a toddler while he played at the train table
  7. 1,976
    Number of books I have touched today.
  8. 14
    Just a guess at this number of books I actively and knowingly sniffed today
  9. 1
    Life story I listened to. This one was a good one, but so many are, really.
  10. 1
    Crying customer. An older gentleman, reciting his favorite poem, which moved him to tears and made me think maybe not all is lost after all.