Christmas is a multi day event for my family. There is less drinking than you'd think with this amount of food but there is always a bottle of wine around, plus no Republicans!
  1. The one where I cook
    Dinner, the 23rd. Menu consists of whatever I've made in the past 3 months that I liked enough to want to cook again. This year:
  2. Christmas Eve dinner
    My uncle cooks for eight hours, we start eating an hour after he says we will but it's worth the wait. Then we go to midnight service so full it's amazing we can stay awake b
  3. Christmas brunch
    I don't look forward to this one that much. Pros: multiple types of coffee cake and it's a break between stockings and general present opening. Cons- breakfast casserole. I'm not a fan of eggs so am proud to have progressed from picking out pieces of sausage to just picking the least eggy looking corner. Also, there are no mimosas.
  4. Christmas dinner
    Lots of cousins show up right before. This is at 2pm but we call it dinner because we're Southern and it's the biggest meal of the day. All the classics- turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, Virginia ham, gravy. Followed by so many desserts but most notably my mom's cheesecakes.
  5. Christmas supper/nighttime snack
    Around 7 I make a turkey sandwich and eat more dessert. If I'm lucky there are leftover mashed potatoes.
  6. Boxing Day breakfast
    Either my uncle's bangers and mash or my mom's shrimp and grits.
  7. Boxing Day dinner
    At my aunts. Even more cousins show up. Something delicious and made for a crowd like lasagne or chili. More desserts even though we can barely eat sweets anymore.