...is a great movie, but also, last weekend!
  1. Friday night
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    Got in around 9pm, I mean, 21:00. Met up with my weekend companion and lifelong friend Marcus. We dropped our bags off at our super 'cozy' (read: insanely small) studio and headed out to dinner. Went to a very nice restaurant called Beaucoup then to La Perle for a drink. Marcus bought us fancy champagne with the 200€ he got for taking a later flight. Cheers, Lufthansa!
  2. A fun story about Marcus
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    Marcus drunkenly told me this story for the first time over the weekend. In 3rd grade, I bought him a children's French vocabulary book for Secret Santa. Apparently I said, "Do you know how to say 'seal' in French? It's FUCK!" It's actually "phoque". We went on to take French together from 7th grade to senior year and we both speak it today.
  3. Saturday afternoon
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    Got to hang out with my friend Anaïs. Anaïs is my friend Sam's twin sister. They were separated at birth and met on Facebook two years ago. Anaïs was raised in Paris, Sam was raised in New Jersey. They made a documentary about it called Twinsters. It's in theaters in NY/LA this month! http://bit.ly/1C1K8nc
  4. Saturday night
    I was the only woman at a party entirely made up of gay men. This has only happened one other time (in WeHo). I was a little nervous because Marcus told me these guys were a bit of a tough crowd. Les gays were super fun and sweet. We ended the night by singing Celion Dion's "Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Encore". http://bit.ly/1CEtDIc
  5. Sunday afternoon
    We went to see Spy at Les Halles. It was f-ing awesome. Melissa McCarthy is a comedic goddess. Hangover cured. 🙏🏼 Walked back to our airbnb through La Fête de la Musique. It's a huge music festival during which every single bar/restaurant/cafe/street corner has musicians playing or DJs blasting music. People everywhere, police everywhere, super loud. Hangover resurrected. 😵
  6. Monday
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    We considered taking the metro/RER to the airport, but we were a little worried about time. Sup Uber! Found out the next day that taxi drivers were attacking Ubers in Paris. Courtney Love happened to be in an Uber and live tweeted the whole event. Paris, je t'aime, but also wtf?!