Fantasies based on real people. Inspired by a list @emjuko asked me to make awhile back.
  1. Model/actor who drives a vintage car
    He has a full beard and a half sleeve. He drives a 1960's truck with a new turquoise paint job and definitely no AC or bluetooth. He wears cuffed dark denim, a black t-shirt with rolled up sleeves and boots in 90 degree weather. He drinks sparkling Voss and loves steak. He has a multilingual girlfriend who spends 6 months out of the year in Bali according to her Instagram.
  2. Venice yoga teacher
    Loves giving adjustments and deep, prolonged eye contact. Lots of jewelry, sometimes a headband. Rides his longboard to work. Loves ladies with beach waves and a strong practice. Thinks the Nicaragua retreat would be "so good for you".
  3. The "Normal"
    Because he has a "normal" job. Might be a graphic designer, NGO lawyer or day trader. Tasteful use of hair product. Probably owns some property somewhere or at the least, a suit. Perfect date for him: Sugarfish and the Arclight. Discouraged by Tinder. Looking for "the one".