Childhood Bedtime Movies

I used to watch these movies to help me fall asleep (not because they were boring, because I needed routine).
  1. The Parent Trap, 1961
    Did all children of the recently separated obsess over this movie? Watched it at dad's house every night before bed on VHS with my sister for two years. The OG Hayley Mills version.
  2. Welcome to the Dollhouse, 1996
    Todd Solondz classic that I was probably too young to watch. I was younger than Dawn Wiener when I saw it.
  3. Slums of Beverly Hills, 1998
    Adolescence, 1970's, Natasha Lyonne, what's not to love?
  4. Heartbreakers, 2001
    Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver play a mother-daughter duo who scam rich men. I remember not loving this movie, I just found it super relaxing to watch.
  5. Marilyn Monroe box set
    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch, Some Like It Hot. I read her biography and asked my mom for a Gentleman Prefer Blondes poster. I think I had a Marilyn lunch box and playing cards too, which I was way too embarrassed of to bring to school.
  6. Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961
    Didn't understand the sexual nuances until much later. It made living in New York look fun. Bought a poster and hung it next to Marilyn. I still love this movie.
  7. Girl Interrupted, 1999
    New friends, 8th grade. We pierced our belly buttons in my bedroom while watching this and Gia, (rewinding the part where Angelina runs into the hallway naked, natural boobs swinging). Amazing casting. Remember Elizabeth Moss in this? Also, best Brittany Murphy performance.
  8. Jawbreaker, 1999
    Please tell me you've seen this. It's so good. Only watched it at sleepovers, on account of it being "scary & funny". Stars a young Judy Greer. Great 90's fashion.
  9. Mean Girls, 2004