I watch a lot of YouTube 🙈
  1. Lea Salonga Miss Saigon Audition
    What up musical theater nerds! Y'ALL GONNA CRY. http://bit.ly/1L83udS
  2. Cher Lloyd X Factor Audition 2010
    I gotta give @emjuko credit for this one. Watch if you need to *turn your swag on*. Note Simon's face at 1:28. http://bit.ly/1MyKnaa
  3. Steve Carrell Anchorman Audition
    Really great mime work in this one. Side note: he booked the job! http://bit.ly/1L83udW
  4. Kaycee Rice Werk
    I'm still so perplexed. How does a 10 year-old girl fully channel a professional drag queen??? http://bit.ly/1MyKnae
  5. Henry Thomas ET Audition
    I mean... Just watch it. http://bit.ly/1L83wT8
  6. Kristin Bell for Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    Suggested by @vp
  7. Rachel Mcadams for "The Notebook"
    If you're into the movie this is everything. And I think her purse is on the whole time.
    Suggested by @ruddybuddy
  8. Chris Klein's Mama Mia audition
    Suggested by @leahmw