Thanks @joelleg for the request. Here are some of my favorite herbs/plant friends!
  1. β€’
    Reishi makes me feel calm and centered, like a Zen nun who watches The Voice and has occasional road rage. It is an adaptogen that balances the immune system, protects the liver and improves circulation. A great description from Dragon Herbs: "Reishi contains over 800 biologically active constituents that benefit virtually every cell of the human body in some way." I like Host Defense Organic Reishi tincture. ---
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    I knew nothing of Gynostemma until my boyfriend started making it in tincture form. Holy shit! I learned from taking it that it is an empowering and vibrant herb. It is one of the most popular longevity herbs in Asia, as well as an adaptogen and antioxidant. Forgive the self-promotion, he sells his tinctures here:
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    Schizandra berry πŸ’
    Schizandra contains all 5 flavors (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty), so she's kind of an over achiever πŸ™‹ Don't hate her, she can't help it! Schizandra nourishes the kidneys, which is said to increase sexual health/function for both men and women. TBH I don't know why it's not called "natural Viagra". πŸ‘
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    Moving into the Ayurvedic realm, Amrit nectar contains 38 herbs/fruits (like an Ayurvedic multi-vitamin?). It helps strengthen the connection between body and mind and is an extremely powerful antioxidant. I prefer taking Amrit nectar as a a paste. It tastes pretty sweet unlike many Chinese herbs! ---
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    Cacao β˜•οΈ
    Immortalized by the Mayans and that one Portlandia sketch, Cacao has become one of my BPFs (best plant friends, duh!). Did you know that 80-99% of Cacao's compounds are missing from over-the-counter chocolate? I buy Cacao from Guatemala (fair trade and organic obvi) and prepare it as a drink with warm water and sometimes a little almond milk. It stimulates the heart center and gives a sharp focus, so it's a perfect facilitator for creative work or binge watching "Togetherness".
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    Burdock Root
    A blood purifier, also great for the skin! πŸ’ I heard a recent story of burdock root assisting in cleansing heavy metals from the body. I take it in tincture form.
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    Angelica Root
    For my ladiiieeezzz! Angelica changed my whole game. While there are many benefits, Angelica (aka "Dong Quai") is excellent for regulating your cycle and for symptoms of blood deficiency (i.e. painful menses). It makes you feel like πŸ‘―