1. Omani college student who writes rap songs and poetry in Arabic. Talked about his arranged marriage and his Maserati.
  2. Australian man, diagnosed with cancer. Has 5 children and one on the way. Doctors told him he had 6 months to live in January. We went on a long hike together and talked about integrative medicine and his love of cows.
  3. A masseuse named Beatrix. A pixie who wears white linen pants and huge eyeglasses that make her look like an anime character. Talked to me about tattoo removal and aggressive Chinese massages.
  4. Mysterious New York journalist. Angelica Houston disguised as a high school counselor. Speaks Egyptian, French, Italian, English and "a little Japanese". Uses a pen to secure her hair in an elegant French twist.
  5. Mr. Gustav, a handsome 80 year-old man from Stockholm. Used to live in the Bahamas and Florida for "political reasons". He drove 4 hours this past weekend to see a woman he's interested in.