Thanks @mkz for letting me relive this!
  1. Wild Wild West. 1999. I was 13, he was 14.
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  2. He was so cute. Like a young Brandon Boyd. He often wore board shorts, but also A|X jeans and white Hanes v-necks. He had an earring. For some reason, he walked on his toes when barefoot. I was obsessed with him.
  3. We lived down the street from one another and planned to meet at the mall in our neighborhood. He worked at a pretzel place there and eventually got fired for giving out too many free pretzels. To this day, this mall is carpeted, which I find bizarre.
  4. He brought his friend Rob with him, which I thought was totally normal. Rob also had an earring.
  5. So we're watching Wild Wild West (don't remember it at all), and I see his hand creeping onto my seat in my periphery. I'd never held hands with a boy before. Help me, Salma Hayek! What do I do?!
  6. We both stare straight ahead, pretending to watch the movie. I move my hand a little to the right and catch the edge of his pinky. Contact! I experience what I think is a full body orgasm. Our fingers entwine in a death grip that will only be released once the credits roll.
  7. We dated on and off throughout high school. One year, he gave me a Roxy watch for Valentine's Day. We said if we were both single when we were "older" (30), we'd marry each other.
  8. I ran into him about a year ago in LA. He might be 30 now. He's engaged to a gorgeous girl who bears a striking resemblance to his sister.