Non-touristy Hawaii - Oahu 🌴

  1. MuRyangSa Buddhist Temple
    Just went here for the first time on my recent trip home. It's tucked away in a beautiful valley. A secret spot, good for meditating and Instagram photo shoots.
  2. Doris Duke's Shangri La Estate
    Stunning Islamic art and architecture are on full display at the former residence of tobacco heiress, Doris Duke. Be sure to check out the man made pool that is built into the ocean (nbd). Buy tickets here:
  3. Diamond Head Cove Health Bar
    Best acai bowls in town! Try the Kava ('Awa) if you want to instantaneously feel as relaxed as the locals do.
  4. Shark's Cove
    Don't let the name deter you. Shark's Cove is actually very relaxing! It's hard to find spots that are gentle enough to swim in on the North Shore. It's a shallow pool surrounded by rocks to block the current, so it's good for snorkeling or uneasy swimmers or sharks haha what?!
  5. Maunawili Falls
    If you're looking for a less crowded hike, check out Maunawili Falls. Don't go right after it rains, it'll be too muddy! True story: my friends and I tried to do this hike in December 2013. We're all from Hawaii and completely missed the sign for the hike. For the record, it's VERY obvious. We walked for an hour and landed in someone's driveway after passing a ton of "no trespassing" signs. So... don't do that.
  6. Down to Earth
    My favorite health food store! It's a small chain owned by a larger chain of Hare Krishnas. Load up on the buffet, buy local products, and whatever you do, buy a muffin/brownie/cookie from there! Or all of the above! You're on vacation!
  7. The Veranda at the Kahala hotel
    Perfect spot for a glass of wine and appetizers. I believe they have live music almost every night. My favorite is the guy who does Michael Jackson smooth jazz covers (I think he plays on Sundays). I'm guessing not a good place for Tinder.