The Story of My Profile Picture

Inspired by @dev
  1. He's not my baby! I don't have a baby. This is Noah (see "things I learned from attending a home birth" list). We've been friends since day 1, literally.
  2. My friend and I threw a belated baby shower for two of our friends who had recently given birth. We called it Babychella. Tagline: "it's like Coachella, but for babies". We had flash tats, flowers and friendship bracelets. We thought we were so original!
    Later, I heard that Kim K did the same thing for North West, but better. There was a teepee. There was a ferris wheel. There was Kylie. Apparently, I don't keep up with the Kardashians.
  3. We had a little photo booth area set up to take pics with the babies. All the photos are of me kissing the babies and they look thrilled.
  4. Noah's shirt says "I love my gay uncle"
  5. The day ended with a torrential down pour, which shut down the party. The babies went home.
  6. My friends and I went inside, drank more champagne and waited for the weather to clear (in Hawaii, rainstorms only last 20 minutes). We went back outside, lounged in the hot tub and raced a huge blow-up duck and swan across the pool because that's what you do when you don't have kids.