Things I Learned From Attending a Home Birth

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    Birth is a marathon πŸ•’
    When your friend texts you "I'm going into labor", it means you have approx 1.5 days to chill the f out. Go to the beach! Get a wax! Have a fancy dinner! SLEEP! She doesn't need you quite yet.
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    Calm and alert πŸ™†
    As her labor support, it's crucial to keep your state calm and alert. Be sure everyone is hydrated. Answer her mom's texts. Give the daddy (or mommy) a snack. Change the Pandora station to wind chimes when the gong gets annoying. If you are not needed, sit and hold the space for the amazing journey of life to begin!
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    Learn counter pressure πŸ‘
    If you do one thing, learn counter pressure! Counter pressure is a way of applying deep pressure to the birthing mother's body to help relieve pain. My friend said it helped take the "edge" off of the contractions. You can learn counter pressure from a doula, birthing center, or even online. DO IT!
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    Start training πŸ’ͺ
    You think you're gonna sit back and watch the show? HELL NO! Giving birth at home means all the "rules" are out the window. Whether you're holding her legs up, massaging her back or applying counter pressure, you'd better be ready for a workout!
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    Watch taped births πŸ‘Ά
    You gotta prepare yourself if you've never seen a birth irl. It's not like the movies. Watch a doc like "The Business of Being Born" or YouTube "Birth in River" if you want the raw deal. Get into it!
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    Smile ☺️
    Your friend is looking at your face to see how it's all going. You know how you look at the flight attendants during turbulence? It's kind of like that.
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    Celebrate the profound miracle of life! Share your experience with your friends. Don't be discouraged when people only want to know about πŸ’©
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    Don't wear white
    Self explanatory.