Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I've been taking a lot of screenshots lately, using valuable space in my phone's memory. I've been wondering why I hesitate to delete them, but now I know why. For posterity.
  1. Google shopping
    This Voluspa candle is one of my favorites. It was something I wasn't ready to buy at the time, but want to remember to buy sometime.
  2. Headlines
    I have never seen a news source not be able to decide which headline should be THE headline.
  3. National S'mores Day
    A brewery event I wished I could have participated in, so I tried to convince a friend to go in my place.
  4. Rain, rain go away
    Wouldn't you know it! When we had to make a trip up 95, the rain stayed with us the whole way.
  5. The Affair
    Words from a dark and sordid television show that gave me something to think about with regard to how love works.
  6. Humans of St. Louis
    A story of a woman who conquered her fear and doubt and made a business choice that was right for her despite the risk. She found success and her story reminds me that taking risks can pay off in the best of ways.
  7. Florida Weather forecast
    Look at that dip!! Those temps in the 70s are ALMOST low enough to require a snuggle alert!
  8. Instagram for the win
    Simple tasks that I've focused on at one point or another individually. Instagram gathered them all in the same place for me.