1. Start practicing yoga asana again
    I'm the least flexible I have ever been right now and I have knee and ankle pain like some kind of elderly sob story. Roll dat mat out.
  2. Make my bed every day
    Underrated way to make me feel at least 25% better about my whole life
  3. Write regularly again
    Cmon, this used to be such the golden time during your day. Rediscover it with the beautiful (&empty) Anthropologie notebook collecting dust on your bedside table.
  4. Close Netflix at least 2 hours earlier
    Stop being nocturnal. It's fucking with you.
  5. Accept that you're not always perfect but take pride and joy in your ability to make changes when the time is right
    Sometimes I'm gonna be a stiff, creatively stunted nocturnal Netflix robot. That's okay, but that's not who you are all the time. Allow for the highs and the lows otherwise somethings gonna snap.
  6. Find a Boston workout motivator friend.
    Any takers?
  7. Being human is intense y'all.
    A for effort.