1. My friend Sam and I are staying at a big camping complex, almost like a commune out in the woods.
  2. I'm terrified because I have to tend to my diva cup but I don't want to attract bears.
  3. I muster up the energy to schlep myself to the bathroom, which is a longer walk than I would have liked.
  4. I make the trek in a tshirt and underwear, normal sleeping/early morning uniform in my book.
  5. Turns out, not normal. Everyone I pass on the way to the bathroom is dressed in layers head to toe and stares at me.
  6. Finally get to the bathroom and flush away the bear bait successfully.
  7. Somehow, 3 hours have passed and I missed breakfast. Devastating.
  8. I also realize I left my underwear in the bathroom.
  9. I set out to find Sam because at this point I need emotional support.
  10. I check the room of people having a dance party. Nope, not in there.
  11. I walk through the house towards the cliff that overlooks the ocean (?) thinking she may be on the beach down below, doodling in a journal.
  12. Instead I find a boardwalk and KILLER WHALES.
  13. I stop and observe, hootin and hollerin about how amazing they are.
  14. The whales are fighting/playing like puppies do, except it's of course much more intense because it's killer whales and not puppies.
  15. A polar bear was there too.
  16. I never found Sam.
  17. Alarm goes off at 6. FIN.