Disclaimer: reading this list may ruin your mood.
  1. Sleeping through your alarm(s) on an important day that requires being awake on time.
  2. Pants don't fit.
  3. Overdraft fee.
  4. Dropped and shattered your phone.
  5. One of those days when coffee just isn't working.
  6. No new episode of your favorite show that you've been waiting all week to watch on demand. @mindy has done this to me before. And yes Mindy it is your fault.
  7. Parking ticket.
  8. Getting pulled over while driving.
  9. When you look up a live performance of your favorite song and it sucks.
  10. Car battery dead. @mia
  11. You're in an excellent mood but nobody's around to play with you.
  12. Failed recipe attempt.