I picked 18 because it was the age I was when I moved to Boston and thus began "the rest of my life."
  1. Pay attention to when you're redoing work that's already been done
  2. Only wear clothes that fit you properly
  3. Don't fuck with debt
  4. Take care of your knees
  5. Don't take things personally - most things that feel like a direct attack don't matter one bit
  6. Good job never smoking cigarettes!
  7. Don't go tanning
  8. Don't let mom sell your prom dresses
    Still kills me.
  9. Study abroad
  10. Probably don't need to date Kevin
  11. Facebook doesn't really matter in a few years so...just know that
  12. Good job not worrying about studying for hours on end, your instincts to have fun when you want are great