Harder as in more difficult.
  1. Driving at night
  2. Driving in heavy rain
  3. Tolerating alcohol
  4. Forcing myself to watch bad tv just because it's on
  5. Wearing uncomfortable clothing even if it's attractive
  6. Loud music late at night. Turn that shit down.
  7. Loud music anywhere. Excuse me I'm trying to have a conversation here.
  8. Paying for mediocre sandwiches.
    Cmon. It ain't hard. Get your shit together.
  9. People who can't chill.
    Just...be cool.
  10. Pretend having a good time while being bored to death
    Suggested by @normaperez
  11. Sleeping in
    Seriously, wtf 5am on a Saturday?
    Suggested by @pixylayne