Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Ms. Beth, preschool and kindergarten, Grosse Pointe Academy
    My memories of her are of course very sparse. I do remember my first day of school, walking into the building and totally not knowing where I was going or what I was doing and being terrified in an entirely new way. But I loooooved her. My mom says I always ran into her arms when she dropped me off. She taught me to read square laminated books and taught me to write by tracing my finger in a little box of sand.
  2. Mrs. Chrisner, 6th-8th grade Music, Grosse Pointe Academy
    She always gave me solos in our school musicals. I was so nervous every time, but I trusted her decision to pick me even if I didn't feel like I deserved it. She is also a cancer survivor.
  3. Mr. Fultz, 6th grade Science & middle school volleyball coach, Grosse Pointe Academy
    In the spring he took us around the school grounds to learn every type of tree. There were lots. He started a fishing elective where he took us to the lake to fish for an hour before lunch. He brought in gallons of disgusting water from a swamp near his house and we looked at samples of it under microscopes and identified microscopic critters. He taught me a sport when I was 10 and 75 pounds that I still play and love at 26. Our middle school volleyball team was undefeated for 13 years.
  4. Mr. Butzu, 10th grade English, University Liggett School
    He introduced me to existential philosophy which turned a switch on in my brain that had profound effects on who I became in the following very important years of my life. The moments I first read the words of Emerson my whole world blew open. It was the first time I ever read something and had a glimpse of universal truths. At 15, for me, that was huge.
  5. Professor Idrobo, Psychology of Learning, Boston University
    So hard to pick just one from BU... Fabio was such a good lecturer that I actually admitted that as a college student. He was authentic and low key. I took 2 more of his upper level classes after the first one because I related to his teaching style so well. His classes made a very clear point to me that things don't always have to be so complicated even though they appear to be the most inexplicable thing in the world.