1. 1. No personality
    Who knew wit and lack of personality could exist in one person. Quick with a joke yes boring as eff also yes.
  2. 2. 99% of time spent with a boy
    100% chance it will not stick. But dont worry all those boys will get like three seasons with no closure and it won't feel like a waste of time at all.
  3. 3. Boy builds you a car and you can't say I love you.
    That's okay. Tell him the truth and break up... And get back together... And then kiss another dude a year later... And then a little down the road break up his marriage because 'you were first'. Nothing says 'first time' like infidelity.
  4. 4. Spoiled
    Remember your roots yah privileged white girl. You mom is a total boss. You crashed a sail boat with your boy toy because you got your feelings hurt. Spoiled.
  5. 5. Listens to what grandma thinks over own mom like all the time.
    Grandma is a total dick and hasn't proved herself like Lorelei. But that's okay move in to G mom's house, don't talk to Lorelei and figure that out the hard way.
  6. 6. Self absorbed
    It's okay if it hurts other people... Like your friends and family... Your feelings come first. Let the chips fall where they may. Example... Most of her air time the last, like three seasons.
  7. 7. Loved only by association
    Stars Hollow loved Lorelei an that's the only reason Rory got such a bad ass farewell party before starting her career.