An experiment.
  1. This weekend I argued that Chingy had three hit songs-- one being a ballad. No one believed me and I couldn't remember the title. The universe works in mystery ways-- while listening to the Lil Scrappy station on Spotify, the coincidence gods reminded me of Chingy's hit "One Call Away" thus I've retained my title as "dumb music know it all".
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  2. I swear I don't regularly take photos of random children but this kid had a very weird and cool confidence that I appreciated. I really wanted to capture his swag but then felt real creepy about it so I stopped. Good for you, kid.
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  3. @samlkelly brought donuts from Cornwall and she is an angel for that. This was a potential #foodstagram but I'm vaguely off my game a bit and haven't been happy with the food pics I've been taking. But Sam gets love for being a good friend and for feeding me. (I ate 3)
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  4. Dog dressed as the Pope.
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  5. My left hand is ready for Halloween, nothing else is.
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