Favourite Office Moments

in no particular order
  1. When Pam waits until Michael has said something before putting him through on the phone
  2. When the Michael Scott paper company threw cheese puffs at each other
  3. When Ryan and Kelly got divorced
  4. When Creed hitch hiked and was pick up by the office on the work bus
  5. When Ryan started the fire
  6. The Dundies. Just everything about the Dundies.
  7. When Ryan started Wuphf.com
  8. When Michael and Jan had a dinner party
  9. When they did first aid training after Stanely had a heart attack
  10. When Andy heard a rumor about himself being gay and was scared that it was true
  11. When Michael realized that Toby came back and started freaking out
  12. When Pam and Jim visited Shrute Farms
  13. When Michael did safety training and Dwight asked if 'depression was just another word for really bummed out?' to which Michael responded 'Dwight, you ignorant slut'
  14. When Michael declared bankruptcy
  15. Michael Scarn