I saw Waitress the musical (oh *blush* by @sarab ) in Boston and fell in love.
  1. Sunday: Uphill-All-The-Way-Baby-In-A-Stroller-Pie
    You make a stiff meringue, with peaks like the hills of San Francisco and sit 'em atop a hot bed of pears. Flambèed of course
  2. Monday: Out-Of-Print-Tea-Ceremony-Book Pie
    Flaky pastry leaves underneath matcha green tea whipped cream, silky custard, and a few sweet chestnuts
  3. Tuesday: Baby-Don't-Sleep-Mama-Don't-Sleep Pie
    Coffee ice cream, chocolate covered espresso beans, and a sprinklin' of nuts
  4. Wednesday: Thank-Goodness-For-My-Writing-Partner pie
    Bacon pie with a no-knead challah crust. It sounds simple but that's cause all the bad stuff got cut out.
  5. Thursday: Art-Is-For-Everybody-SF-Sky-Pie
    A fondant of Chagall's Over The Town sculpted over an explosion of spicy dark chocolate with daubs of smokey caramel
  6. Friday: Who-Needs-Electricity-Pie
    Singed marshmallows over a chocolate creme in a graham cracker crust
  7. Saturday: Bumpy-Bus-Ride-Pie
    Boil down ginger and sugar to a syrup that will coat the lumpy peaches, sprinkle with an oatmeal crumble top