From picture books to novels to travel essays to memoir to art projects I circle around the same themes in my work all the time. Inspired by @bookishclaire
  1. Japan
    Because I knew it most through my father's stories, and it seemed magical. And then I lived there, and got frustrated and understood things about why my dad is the way he is
  2. Dads
    Because, above, and I love my dad
  3. Death
    Even before profound loss became central to my experience as a human, I was a child obsessed with Pompeii and the holocaust
  4. Fishbirds
    My made up word for people who are mixed. Came from something a woman told me once as a caution against interracial marriage, "a fish can love a bird but where would they live?"
  5. Unicorns
    Because they're real and living among us
  6. Food
    Because food