1. a throwback of my momma & me
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  2. flowers on my walk to school in thailand
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  3. sushiiii
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  4. beach buddy
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  5. friends & bloody marys
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  6. roses make me happy
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  7. from a trip to montreal i took with my momma this summer
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  8. fruit salad on the beach
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  9. a polaroid that i took of my fifteen year old dog, jake
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  10. a blue bird day in the middle of winter
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  11. summer road trip
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  12. graduation day : )
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  13. my favorite picture of my baby boy
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  14. mountain jam
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  15. sunset on the lake
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  16. brunch with my pops in miami
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  17. this little boy at the dentist office
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  18. phi phi, thailand
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  19. getting coffee with my high school girlfriends in the north end
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  20. snowmobiling this winter
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  21. summer nights on the lake
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  22. the most delicious coconut
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  23. the most adorable little girl
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  24. my brother aqua biking in austin
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  25. another sunset on the lake
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  26. this advice
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