Only requirement is that it needs to be funny and not sexual in any way
  1. Nerds
    Double entendre costume - candy and dork
  2. Samantha from Her
    As the voice coming from the computer
  3. Steve Jobs
    As Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs
  4. Spinelli from Recess
    Wig required
  5. Very Hungry Caterpillar/Rainbow Fish/Assorted Children's Books Characters
  6. Taco Belle
  7. Freudian Slip
    Idea borrowed from a friend
  8. Spice Girls
    Cinnamon, Parsley, you know
  9. Mario Party 2
    From N64
  10. Character from the Sims
  11. Cookie Lyons
  12. Hilary Clinton
    Costume requires incredible outfit scrutiny over the next year