Worst Food/beverage Moments in Recent Memory

  1. When I learned DiGiorno stopped making Parmesan cheese
    At first I thought it was just a peapod.com issue, but then I visited the brand website and it was nowhere to be found. If anyone is familiar with this specific cheese and has recommendations, I am eager to fill the void
  2. Every time fruit flies are around when I'm eating
    I always assume they came from my food and the food is instantly tarnished RIP Chipotle bowl from last month
  3. When McDonalds only gave me one BBQ sauce at the drive thru
    A 6 piece Chicken McNugget meal demands 2 BBQs PS I don't get the milk jug, I usually get water or Diet Coke
  4. Every time someone does not finish a shot I buy them
    That's why I don't buy shots, I will let other people buy them unless I am 1000% certain they will enjoy them and finish them
  5. When I hated what I ordered at Catch
    Top Chef is my favorite show, if you couldn't tell by my stellar food preferences, so it really stung when I didn't like my food. This was 4 years ago and the pain is still strong.
  6. Every time I cook rice the wrong way
    It's my favorite food, but I still don't always end up with perfection. Don't tell my parents I still don't use the rice cooker they got for me 2 years Christmases ago