An unseen handicap

  1. I'm an epileptic Ive had seizures as far back as I can remember, I've learned the rest from my hubby( I'll explain in a minute)
  2. I used to know when they were coming on, however, the older I got they became stronger and unpredictable.
  3. As a kid phenobarbital was the drug of choice, local Dr's hadn't a clue since then I've been on so many I was a zombie.
  4. One day at my work I blew 2 discs and herniated another, I've had to back surgeries and an implant stem in spine it left me crippled I walk with a cane or drive a scooter when available.
  5. Bc of the pain and stress of this handicap, it triggered my seizures to come on with a vengeance,
  6. My seizures took away most of my long-term memory of ppl that means I haven't memory of my friends family ( parents siblings etc)
  7. Next bout came I had to learn to walk, talk over again.
  8. The good thing out of this is now I know I have two types of seizures - stress and epileptic the difference between them is so close I have to be hooked up to see brain activity. Believe me it's harder than it seems to get those buggers to stay on head when seizing
  9. My left side of body has always been weaker besides the hardcore seizures, there's a growth on my brain the side which controls the left side of body.
  10. The growth they can tell how long it's been there and how in my case it's been there since I was in my mother's womb how? Drugs played the factor in this!
  11. So losing memory of ppl might have been the best thing for me. Sad part is I can't say I remember when...., bc I can't... Sure I know places and things just not ppl.
  12. It took some time to remember my hubby my kids and grandkids, I know enough today to be able to say I remember.. Only thing is learning difference between a video memory photo memory or story memory.
  13. The thing is I meet a new person everyday, some ppl stick in my brain and some don't. Most ppl understand and will always greet me some talk to me as a child and some don't talk to me at all will only speak to my hubby or daughter.
  14. This is just one unseen handicap that millions have, I'm just one story