For all of my Lovvies 💞.... What is love

love is...
  1. Love is singing along even though it maybe awful
  2. Love is being there in times of trouble
  3. Love is knowing you're protected
  4. Love is able to lift you up
  5. Love is saying its OK I'm here
  6. Love is knowing you're never be left behind
  7. Love is sharing what you have
  8. Love is being that rock you may need
  9. Love is always saying thank you you're awesome
  10. Love is being side by side in scary moments
  11. Love is always shown and given
  12. Love is making you giggle at times
  13. Love is never to let you go without
  14. Love is nursing a broken heart
  15. Love is protection
  16. Love knows no danger
  17. Love is unconditional
  18. Love is always
  19. Love knows no race
  20. Love knows no size
  21. Love knows no age
  22. Love is our future