Friday photobombs

starring animals
  1. Woo-hoo it's Friday!!!!
  2. Call me slow again!!
  3. She's going to be surprised!!
  4. Yes I can smile!
  5. Eww really?
  6. 🎶She'll be comin' round the mountain 🎶
  7. Girl I'm better see my tongue!
  8. So someone said something about cheese?
  9. Oh sorry dude
  10. I'm sick of kids and bananas
  11. OK that'll be 5 bucks and that sack of feed!
  12. What y'all lookin at?
  13. Oh sure give food to the white goat first!
  14. And now the waddling of the geese!
  15. You just think you're taking it home!
  16. Sooo what cha doin'?