I can....

  1. I can touch my nose with my tongue
  2. I can play king of the mountain
  3. I can spit and not get in trouble
  4. I can hippo paddle
  5. I can take my own shower
  6. I can play hide and seek
  7. I can make you uncomfortable with my stare
  8. I can laugh hysterically at the smallest thing
  9. I can win a sparring match without even throwing a punch
  10. I can give piggyback rides
  11. I can help you take pictures
  12. I can stuff my mouth full
  13. I can sleep a long time
  14. I can balance my kids on my head
  15. I can fly faster than a jet
  16. It's not what I can do but what I can't I am the smartest "animal" on earth