insects say what?

as requested by @JillCarley
  1. Oh you're such a great dancer Brad.. Ty Marcia
  2. ( man talking to his wife) What do you mean you don't want it now?!
  3. Eek!!! Don't look I'm naked!!!
  4. Annnndd, one and two and one a two higher girls work it
  5. Soo hello sweet thang how about some honey?
  6. 🎶.at the copa. Copacabana 🎶
  7. Can you see me now?
  8. Uhm so it just doesn't seem as exciting as when the frogs do it
  9. 🎶doe 🎶ray 🎶🎶so.... Dang it who's been rubbing my wings again? ( true glass wing butterfly)
  10. Ha!! Who said I'd get my feet wet?
  11. (sniff sniff) but he said I had beautiful big eyes!
  12. Yea man so like where's the weed man
  13. Mama mama wait for us!!!!
  14. 🎶 nant ingonyama bagithi baba .... Siyo nqoba